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Are you looking for the best and most flexible service business automation software?

When operations need a boost in efficiency, Professional Services organizations trust Arcos to implement CRM solutions that improve service capabilities, enhance customer management and satisfaction and realize ROI.  Arcos helps organizations streamline operations, increase customer value and enable smarter decision-making.

Arcos has partnered with Alert Stratus to provide Professional Services Automation (PSA), Project Management and Service Management software systems that have a proven track record of exceeding their expectations for features, flexibility, and superior support.

CRM and Alert Stratus are ideal solutions in the following verticals:

Professional Services Industry | Arcos Technologies Inc.

• Management Consulting, Marketing and Accounting firms
• Architectural and Engineering firms
• Technology Service Providers
      • IT Resellers
      • Managed Service Providers (MSP)
      • Voice Data Equipment Resellers
      • Medical Devices
• Energy Services Organizations
• Telecoms
• Staffing Companies

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with Extended Alert Stratus solution

Alert Stratus is an extended solution application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The extended application framework allows you to quickly and easily extend your CRM solution and build professional service applications without compromising features, capabilities, budget, or delivery time. It gives Alert Stratus an Office-Fluent UI: Facilitate easy and natural productivity with a streamlined, familiar user interface and native Microsoft Outlook experience. Alert Stratus uses the same workflow tool to automate business processes including a visual design environment, full programmatic access to workflow, and sophisticated triggers.

Now you can have it all. Do your marketing, track leads and opportunities, and convert them into new projects all with the same framework application. After the sale you need to rally your resources, plan and execute every task flawlessly to make sure your customer is completely satisfied. That takes collaboration and communication with employees, partners, and especially your customers. With Alert Stratus and Dynamics CRM working seamlessly within Microsoft Office Outlooks makes every task, appointment, meeting, phone call, service activity, timesheet entry, expense, rate, cost, completely visible, track able, action able and documented like never before. Everything is now truly connected and all customer-facing activities managed.

Alert Stratus Professional Services Automation software features:

  • Extended solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office
  • Project Management budget, schedule, monitor and analyze performance
  • Sub-Contractor by defining resources, pricing and track deployment
  • Resource Scheduling drag and drop scheduling and skills database
  • Timesheets, expenses and project billing
  • Reporting, dashboards, employee utilization rates and project profitability analysis
  • Financial integration, cost and revenue recognition
  • Flexible data model, drag-and-drop customization, and your workflow

By providing a robust relationship management framework, a flexible data model, and drag-and-drop customization, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Alert Stratus allow organizations to capitalize on implementing sales and service software the way needs to be used. Be more responsive to your client’s needs and offer the services that make you more competitive.

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