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Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a business management system that incorporates all your finance and accounting functions alongside other business modules from finance to human resources, and supply chain management to manufacturing. With a range of modules to choose from, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides capabilities such as:

Financial Management

Intelligence and Reporting

Supply Chain Management

Contract Management


Project Management

Field Service Management

Human Resource Management

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP


Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive turnkey solution allowing you to get value quickly from its ease and speed of adoption across your business, and as it’s a Microsoft business solution it integrates with other Microsoft products and familiar applications such as Microsoft Office 365. It also has a user-friendly interface which helps when moving to a complete new business solution.

Arcos has evaluated all other ERP software products and has strategically selected Microsoft Dynamics GP as our flagship ERP solution offering for Small and Mid-Market organizations.

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What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

10 Key Reasons Why Organizations Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP

1. It’s more than just ERP

Microsoft has a complete vision for business applications, and it goes beyond what a simple stand-alone ERP solution or accounting software can do. It starts with a unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools embedded across your core business processes. The result—empowered people who make decisions that help increase your margins, improve your cash flow, and ultimately drive your business growth.

2. Helps your people work better, faster, and smarter

The Role-tailored experience of Microsoft Dynamics GP surfaces the information and tasks relevant to specific job functions. By putting the resources you need most right at your fingertips— and ensuring that the solution works seamlessly with the Microsoft productivity tools you already know how to use— training time is replaced with an intuitive experience that helps people work better, faster, and smarter right from the start.

3. Looks forward, not backward

In today’s competitive landscape you need more than a backward looking system of record to compete. Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you become proactive and predictive, with embedded business intelligence tools that help you not only solve problems but also prevent them from occurring in the first place.  Whether you are outgrowing entry-level accounting software, rubber-banding an outdated legacy solution, or simply tired of paying annual maintenance fees to a vendor that provides little to no value for your money—now is the time to give your people the tools they need to succeed. Microsoft Dynamics GP is an innovative, flexible solution that is fast to configure and deploy, easy to use, and provides forward-looking insights to help drive your business growth.

4. Provides a flexible deployment model

You can choose the deployment model that makes the most sense for your business, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both. Plus, you’ll have the elasticity to adjust as your needs change.

5. Reduces your risk

Millions of users around the world already trust Microsoft to deliver innovative consumer and business solutions. In addition,  when you purchase Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can be assured of support for the version you buy for up to 10 years after its release.

6. Propels your business forward

With a business solution from Microsoft, your people will have the innovative, flexible tools they need to be proactive and productive—keeping you ahead of the competition. As a result, your business can move forward instead of standing still.

7. Gets you up and running in days, not weeks

RapidStart implementation tools help make the solution fast and simple to deploy. And because the solution is easy to learn and use, you can be up and running quickly with less disruption to your business.

8. Works the way you do

Microsoft Dynamics GP supports your core business needs with comprehensive built-in capabilities that are easy to customize..

9. Transforms the way you work and connect

Transform the way your people do business with a solution that works the way they want to use it—over the web, through a SharePoint portal, or using a traditional desktop computer.  With a business solution from Microsoft, both office and remote employees can perform business processes and connect through the tools and channels they’re used to—such as instant messaging, email, voice, and presence.

10. Drives and supports your business growth

Microsoft Dynamics GP supports and propels your business goals and overall growth. It easily accommodates new processes and additional lines of business, and it scales to meet higher demands, without sacrificing performance or incurring major increases to your original technology investment—or your payroll.