InsideView - Arcos Technologies Partner - social media integration

Everybody within your company needs intelligence on companies and contacts

Enable marketing, sales, service, and other professionals to gain access to intelligence about their prospects, customers, even partners and suppliers. Make your CRM investment pay off by driving CRM adoption and increasing productivity of all your CRM users.

InsideView CRM+ is for all of your customer-facing teams that are hunting for and engaging prospects, accelerating opportunities, and building relationships with customers. And with a single click, say goodbye to dirty data on leads, accounts, and opportunities in your CRM.

Marketing can run highly targeted micro-campaigns with better yields and conversion rates. Sales can incorporate real-time news and social media as sales triggers to only engage with prospects that are ready to hear your message, and increase win rates. Service teams can build deeper relationships with customers and increase renewal and cross-sell rates.

With InsideView CRM+, your marketing, sales, and service teams can:

  • Research market, company, contact, and competitor information
  • Use real-time news and social network connections to target new leads and engage with customers
  • Enrich leads to help sales move from lead to win
  • One-click integration with CRM to update leads and contacts into your CRM

InsideView was founded by pioneers of the SaaS, CRM and Content industries to take advantage of the convergence of social media and enterprise applications. Since 2005, we have delivered to sales organizations intelligence gained from social media and traditional editorial sources. The purpose? To increase sales productivity and sales velocity.Into this world, InsideView delivered the first true sales intelligence application, harnessing the tsunami of today’s information to create actionable, easily accessible intelligence. The result? Sellers can connect more quickly with potential buyers over relevant matters. Buyers have their needs met more efficiently. That’s InsideView.

InsideView is:

Insider Sales Intelligence

  • All the inside information it’s legal to have
  • From 25,000+ news sources, social media & networks, legal filings & more
  • Delivered to your sales reps’ desktops and mobile devices

The Most Up-to-Date Contacts

  • Complete, clean contact details about your target prospects and clients
  • From the most current, trusted sources
  • Delivered inside your CRM or online

Real-Time Alerts

  • About management changes, contract awards & other business critical events
  • Know first, so you can jump on sales opportunities before the competition

Warm Introductions

  • The inside track on relationships between prospects and colleagues, previous employers, and existing customers
  • Say “good bye” to cold calls

Prospect List Building

  • Most accurate, complete sales leads based on detailed contact & company profiles
  • Create custom lists based on your search criteria

One-Click CRM Sync

  • One-click integration and synchronization
  • More than contact data, includes sales intelligence inside your CRM
  • Improves data integrity; drives CRM adoption

What’s in it for me?

Sales Execs

  • Your reps will spend less time researching, more time in meaningful conversations with the right people.
  • You’ll drive up revenues, market share, quota achievement and forecast accuracy, while decreasing employee churn.

Sales Operations

  • You’ll see data accuracy & consistency improve.
  • Watch CRM adoption soar.

Sales Reps

  • Save time. Open more doors. Start more compelling conversations, with the most complete, up-to-date contact data & insider sales intelligence…at your fingertips.
  • Win more deals & forecast accurately.

Marketing & Lead Generation

  • Identify new markets & prospects.
  • Refine lists with higher quality data.
  • Deliver higher quality leads to Sales, translating to higher conversion & win rates, lower cost per lead & opportunity.

Account Management

  • Spend more time in meaningful engagements, less time maintaining data.
  • You’ll improve retention rates and deepen account penetration.

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